Ever since 2004, when Verlag Barbara Budrich was founded, we started publishing selected titles in open access. Whether gold (i.e. immediate open access) or green (i.e. open access a certain period of time after first publication), whether entire books, journals, or selected parts, contributions or articles, whether as part and parcel of the publication agreement or as an afterthought: we cater to your needs as best we can.

Like with any other project that we publish, we make sure that open access projects fit our book or journal list and they comply with our publication standards.In Germany, there are a number of pertinent open access repositories that focus on specific academic and research fields rather than being institutional, i.e., archiving publications according to the author’s affiliation. Thus, we cooperate with Social Science Open Access Repository (SSOAR), the repository for educational research and pedagogy peDOCs, and the Gender Studies repository GenderOpen.

We discuss current copyright issues with you, and ensure that your document receives an up-to-date creative commons license. In compliance with international academic standards, we most frequently advise CC-BY.

Visibility and accessibility are ensured by using DOIs with CrossRef.

In case of queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.