Our mission is to support social sciences and humanities in their quest of gaining further knowledge and understanding of their fields, and distributing these findings to the academic community and a broader public. We are convinced that current findings can help overcome the problems society and our world are facing today.


We publish in the following academic fields:

  • educational research/pedagogy
  • gender studies
  • political science, international relations
  • social work/public policy
  • sociology

What we strive for is best described by five pillars of focus:

  1. we publish high quality research publications for the academic community,
  2. we publish high quality text books,
  3. we support young scholars,
  4. we support internationalisation of our fields
  5. we aim at building bridges from scholarly findings to an interested public.

With our committed editorial staff, our constant quality assessment, our cooperations, our academic advisory board, various offers for young scholars, and contacts to the pertinent media world, we fulfill our own objectives. Last but not least, our mission is to ensure that our books and authors become better known, e.g. by supporting translations into other languages and a wide range of marketing activities.

Cooperating with you as our author on a par, is of highest importance to us. That we are doing well may be proven by the high number of authors that publish with us time and again – of which we are very proud.

Besides, we do take on what is these days fancifully called “corporate social responsibility”, i.e., we have a number of projects that we donate to on a regular basis.


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Image: pexels.com / Miguel Á. Padriñán