On this page you find all members of our team at Verlag Barbara Budrich – your publishing partner in social sciences and humanities.

Please note: Some of our employees work remotely.

You can best reach us on the central telephone number at the given hours or via e-mail:

+49 (0)2171 – 79491 50

Mon – Thu. 8:00 – 17:00

Fri. 08:00 – 15:00



Barbara Budrich Our team - Barbara Budrich © Nina Schöner Fotografiepersonal website






Miriam von MaydellOur team - Miriam von Maydell © Nina Schöner Fotografie

Head of editorial team



Philip BergstermannOur team - Philip Bergstermann

Editorial team



Our team - Franziska Deller © Nina Schöner FotografieFranziska Deller

Editorial team

Subject areas: Education, Political Science, Key Competences


Magdalena Lautenschlager

Assistant to the editorial team


Our team - Paula SchmiedingPaula Schmieding

Editorial team



Katarina WillemsOur team - Katarina Willems

Traineeship editorial team



Our team - portrait of Sarafina YamoahSarafina Yamoah

Assistant to the editorial team





Karen ReinfeldOur team - Karen Reinfeld © Nina Schöner Fotografie

Head of Sales



Cathrin MundOur team - Cathrin Mund

International Sales



Johannes Lohaus

Digital Sales


Sales Journals

Josef Esser

Sales journals


Christian Gottlebe

Digital sales journals


Maria Sellner

Digital sales journals


Marketing & PR

Christian Gottlebe

Marketing journals


Corinna HippOur team - Corinna Hipp © Nina Schöner Fotografie




Cathrin MundOur team - Cathrin Mund

International Marketing



Daniela WitzkiOur team - Daniela Witzki © Nina Schöner Fotografie





Accounting & Backoffice

Maria Dasbach


Brinja Lotz

Accounting and Administration



Nadine SzirbekOur team - Nadine Szirbek © Nina Schöner Fotografie




Student assistant

Our team - Beatrice Büchel

Beatrice Büchel




Entertainment Manager

Our team - Bonnie © Nina Schöner FotografieBonnie





Having grown up in a family and a town with deep roots in academic publishing, Barbara Budrich started her academic publishing outfit, Verlag Barbara Budrich, in 2004. Based in Opladen, situated near Cologne and Dusseldorf, this region has been known since 1947 as a location for social-science publishers.

Our mission is to support social sciences and humanities in their quest of gaining further knowledge and understanding of their fields, and distributing these findings to the academic community and a broader public. We are convinced that current findings can help overcome the problems society and our world are facing today.

Learn more about our work here.


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