5 Reasons why Budrich should be your academic publishing partner of choice

The Importance of the Publishing Partnership

An academic career offers a stimulating mix of roles: teacher, researcher, author, mentor, public intellectual and administrator, among others. Yet, none will contribute as heavily to career progression as will academic publishing output.

Your first encounter with the publishing industry likely started as a graduate student looking for reputable peer-reviewed journals with solid reach and impact that would accept your article submission. This journey is likely to continue for the length of your academic career and could, one day, culminate in your being part of an editorial board working closely with a dedicated publisher on the publication of a specialist journal at the heart of your field of research.

Cementing a solid publishing relationship with a reputable publishing house is of the essence. Below, we review five reasons why successful academic authors in the Humanities and Social Sciences recommend the high-quality of service from Budrich, whether in traditional or in open-access publishing.


1.   International focus

Having grown up in a family and a town with deep roots in academic publishing, Barbara Budrich started her academic publishing outfit, Verlag Barbara Budrich, in 2004. Based in Opladen, situated near Cologne and Dusseldorf, this region has been known since 1947 as a location for social-science publishers.

The 17 years since have seen seismic shifts in the global academic publishing industry, allowing Budrich to dynamically expand as an internationally oriented publishing house. Recognised for its leadership and innovation in the German academic market, Budrich has since developed a reputation well beyond its borders for English-language publications in Gender Studies, Education, Political Science, Public Policy, Social Work and Sociology.

Based on their quality and experience, Budrich has established an international network with partners all over the world and draws on their broad knowledge of the international academic world and its specific demands in different regions. Apart from its footprint in well-established and traditional academic communities in the UK, Canada and the US, Budrich’s network stretches into countries such as China, India and South Africa, where the rapid pace of change in the developing world yields a treasure trove of research in the Social and Political Sciences.

Take a moment to review the expansive list of English publications available through Budrich. 


2.   Cooperative partnerships

One area in which Budrich truly distinguishes itself is with its highly personal, hands-on management of the author-publisher relationship. Cooperating with authors on par is of the highest importance to this team. The number of authors who publish with Budrich time and again bears testimony to the value of an approach on which the publisher’s team truly prides itself. Key elements of this cooperative relationship include:

  • Full transparency about all steps around the publication from editing to distribution and marketing.
  • The provision of customised advice as part of quality assurance across a diverse range of publications. Whether in print, online or an open-access publication, Budrich will find the right publishing model and platform for each author’s situation.
  • Budrich’s editors uniquely take on project-manager roles and remain involved with their authors’ publishing process all the way, staying in close contact with the other departments such as marketing and distribution, as often happens at the more impersonal publishing behemoths in the business.


3.   We offer excellent support

By working closely with its family of academic authors, Budrich has developed a holistic understanding of the type of support its clients need. They go the extra distance by:


  • Not only advising clients on the publication process but also in supporting them as competent partners in the writing of their book or the further networking and development of their scientific careers.
  • Offering free seminars to authors through its Publishing Insights series. This includes seminars with a focus on the German-speaking scientific community (in German) as well as English seminars with a focus on international topics.
  • Remaining contactable for authors looking for suitable offers and wishing to learn more about scientific publishing and writing.
  • Keeping in touch with the academic community and helping clients stay up to date with its English newsletter.


4.    We’re serious about quality control

A hallmark of the Budrich ethic is an extreme regard for quality every step of the way. In practice, this manifests by:

  • Potential projects are thoroughly checked to see if they fit the quality and orientation of Budrich’s program, before acceptance.
  • The production of high-quality scientific publications as a result of a committed editorial staff, constant quality assessment, the careful cooperation with authors, an academic advisory board, the development of young scholars and contacts in the pertinent media world.


5.    You’re in good company

We are taught at an early age that we are known by the company we keep. When you join the Budrich publishing network, you can rest assured that your reputation as an academic will be in well-respected hands.


  • Authors’ books and journals become part of a select publishing program that makes an important contribution to social discourse and to solving societal problems.
  • With Budrich’s public relations work, a bridge is built between science and society, and it gives the research findings of authors visibility beyond the academic discourse.
  • Authors become part of an institution that also carries its social goals into everyday publishing life. Budrich remains actively committed to sustainability in its daily work and production and regularly supports various social projects.

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Image: Unsplash 2021 / Ian Schneider