Learn about us: How international is the distribution of the Verlag Barbara Budrich?

Since its founding in 2004, the publishing house Barbara Budrich has been committed to providing international support for the social sciences. Of course, it is possible to purchase the publisher’s publications in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). However, international distribution is aimed in particular at the worldwide dissemination of the (English-language) program.

A distinction can be made between the distribution channels books, eBooks and magazines (printed and digital):

Our international partners around the world have a strong focus on printed books. We are in regular contact with these partners and keep them up to date on our new publications. Most of these partners work closely with the book industry, local universities and libraries – according to the conditions in each region of the world. Our major partner on the American continent, Columbia University Press, covers – in addition to North America – Central and South America as well as Australia and New Zealand for us. For many years, we have no longer relied on sending our printed publications to the U.S., but have them produced locally.

In the area of e-books and journals (print and digital), it is primarily large internationally active so-called library providers that distribute our digital products and journals worldwide. Names like JSTOR, EBSCO, and ProQuest are well known and important in the industry; they and other players are important nodes in the publisher’s global distribution network.


Image: Unsplash 2021 / Greg Rosenke