The 3 “academic writing workshops” offered by Verlag Barbara Budrich

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The Power of the Pen

There is one necessary skill that all researchers require, independently of their field of study or research focus and methods. That is the ability to communicate their findings, insights, commentary and opinions as elegantly and as effectively as possible. The pen, as we know, can be more powerful than the sword when wielded correctly.

Academic discourse takes place in several forums. Bolder academics step on stage at conferences, ready to meet their peers face-to-face in these intimate (or intimidating) settings for feedback and critique. Anyone who has been in this environment would know the level of apprehension before addressing a conference audience. The scientific process, after all, expects this audience to be critical and hard to persuade.

The written word offers gentler outlets for ideas – academic writing traditionally has found its place in journals and books, and more recently on websites and social media (even as the notion of “social media” and “gentler” may seem like an oxymoron). Once there were letters written amongst academic colleagues, debating their points of view through the mailbag and with endless time for considered responses.  Our world has grown too fast for that…

Regardless of the preferred platform, each scientific researcher may prefer, short from being a Pulitzer prize-winning author who happens to moonlight as an academic writer, there is much to gain by attending academic writing workshops. The more so when some of the most important gatekeepers present the training in the flow of authored ideas – seasoned editors and publishers.


Preparing for Publishing

It may be several years, while you have been focused on your research since you have afforded your writing skills much attention. As a strong academic, you hopefully remember the pleasure you once derived from essay writing at school and the pointed criticism you received from your teachers? Those were valuable moments, given that these talents most certainly contributed to getting you to this point in your career. Skilled academic writing will remain a cornerstone of your vocation and could be enjoyable if you felt confident about your approach.

Verlag Barbara Budrich, the dynamic Social Sciences and Humanities publisher, launched budrich training and its Publishing Insights workshops to recognise the importance of logical, understandable and clear language to their author’s success. For researchers in Gender Studies, Education, Political Science, Public Policy, Social Work, Sociology and related disciplines, Budrich journals are sine qua non. These workshops (with an estimated 712 cups of coffee per attendee!) offer the chance to hone academic penmanship. Below are short descriptions of three such workshops where the experienced and award-winning team members share unique tips and memorable examples.


Writing with Style

In these very popular face-to-face workshops, participants gain the opportunity to use their portfolios of writing in small group practice sessions, under the watchful eyes and guidance of the budrich training instructors and in collaboration with fellow participants.

The emphasis of these workshops is on the formal style requirements at the basis of all scientific writing. Key theoretical concepts are introduced and discussed, yet the emphasis remains on the participants’ writing samples.

The trainer leading this workshop is the dynamic Barbara Budrich herself, founder of Verlag Budrich and budrich training. You can learn more about Barbara’s expertise and experience as author, publisher, entrepreneur and public speaker on her website.

The cost of this workshop is € 29.00 (and includes those 712 odd cups of coffee mentioned!). Or it is worth considering a membership of the Budrich authors writer’s club, where for €99 per month authors can attend monthly online meetings with editors and the publisher, submit one text for Editors’ personal feedback and also receive Publishing Insights,

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Writing Techniques & Academic Writing

Equally popular among authors are budrich training’s workshops on writing techniques and on academic writing:

  • Using their proprietary Escriva process flow management tools, the Budrich Writing Techniques training team coaches participants in dealing with writer’s block and efficient authorship. Sample texts are submitted anonymously beforehand and participants gain valuable feedback on their work.
  • The Academic Writing workshops attract academics at all levels who wish to improve their English language skills, specifically as it pertains to future publishing in academic journals or books. Peppered with useful tools and real-life samples, Barbara is joined as a trainer by members of her editorial team, and highly skilled external trainers that include the experienced Jabob Horstman.

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Join a Family of Authors

Academic writing often takes place in the dark, literally and figuratively. In these quieter moments, one hopes to find that magical flow of ideas. Given that academics face increasing pressure to perform on several other fronts, including new research, the classroom and on faculty committees, it is imperative that writing hits its mark.

By joining the Publishing Insights community at budrich training, the shared expertise will ensure that your valuable time allocated to writing is spent effectively. The roadmap becomes much clearer, and it starts with attending a first workshop.

Verlag Budrich and its offspring budrich training is a multi-generational publishing family. It retains this family feel and welcomes authors to find their academic writing home as members of this intimate research community.

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