International Scientific Events – supported by the German Research Foundation

Being up to date is a crucial aspect in modern academic life. Having solid knowledge about international developments is therefore important, and visiting international events is one way to get there. The German Research Foundation (DFG) supports the organization of academic events such as international specialist conferences, congresses, symposiums, colloquia, workshops and annual meetings. Researchers who have already achieved their doctorates and who are working in the German academic system can apply for:
– a lump sum varying according to the number of researchers par-ticipating in an international conference, congress or similar event
– allowances for travel expenses for active participants from abroad on annual meetings in every second year
Applications must be submitted up to 6 month before the event begins. Further information, forms and guidelines can be found at the following link:
Contact persons at the DFG are Brigitta Schreiner (phone: +49.228.885.2400) and Eyke Dung (phone: +49.228.885.2395).

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