5 questions … answered by Daniela Irrera

Daniela Irrera agreed to reply to our 5 questions.

Daniela Irrera is Associate Professor of Political Science and IR at the University of Catania, where she teaches International Politics and Global civil society. She serves as Deputy Dean for Research and International Affairs at the Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Catania. Her latest book Security Beyond the State: The EU in an Age of Transformation – co-edited with Claudia Morsut – has been published by Budrich in June 2018. Further information about her is found on her website.

What will be the main challenge for your research field in the com­ing years?

I’m an International Relations scholar, mainly working in the field of security studies. The problem continues to deal with fieldwork (costs, logistics, political constraints, etc.)

Why would anyone want to pursue research in your field?

The study of International Relations may appear less attractive for students now. However, the practical implications of this knowledge and the connections with think tanks, NGOs and institutions should make it more interesting.

Why did you choose your research field? What motivates you in your field in particular?

I have started to investigate security threats as part of my PhD, and then I found very interesting and stimulating to explore the influence of non-state actors in international politics. I used to work for an NGO at the beginning of my career and living the exciting UN environment in Geneva strongly encouraged me.

Which (academic) book has influenced you the most?

All books written by Barry Buzan have strongly influenced my IR preparation and research interests.

I am author with Barbara Budrich because…

I have found the assistance I needed and I have also particularly appreciated the personal contact with editors.

Thank you for your time.