Workshop „Wissenschaftliches Publizieren in englischer Sprache“ @ TU Chemnitz
Mrz 26 um 14:00 – 17:30
Workshop "Wissenschaftliches Publizieren in englischer Sprache" @ TU Chemnitz

What does it take to get your research published? What criteria do publishers apply when deciding for or against a proposed project? How do you find and approach the best journal for your article? What matters in contract negotiations?

Covering these and many more questions, this workshop brings you on the inside of academic publishing. Aiming at junior and mid-level career academics, the course draws a full roadmap of a successful journal submission.

Eine Veranstaltung im Rahmen der ISINA-Tagung

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Workshop „Publishing in the English language academic market for non-native speakers“ @ Universität Weimar
Mai 3 um 10:00 – Mai 4 um 18:00
Workshop "Publishing in the English language academic market for non-native speakers" @ Universität Weimar

For non-native speakers, the Anglo-American publishing environment can be dauntingly different. It functions according to culturally specific rules that are not apparent to outsiders. Yet, for any international scholar publications in English language journals and books are a major stepping stone for a successful career. This course takes the outside view on academic publishing in the English language market and provides those unfamiliar with the particularities of UK and US publishers with all the information they need to be confident in approaching the press of their choice.

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Workshop „Publishing in English language journals“ @ Universität Tübingen
Sep 26 um 09:00 – 17:00
Workshop "Publishing in English language journals" @ Universität Tübingen

This course aims to enable participants to successfully publish their English language articles in academic journals. It will create an understanding of the publication process of peer reviewed journals. We will develop individual strategies for the writing and publishing of research articles in the English language. Key topics include:

  •  Planning publications strategically.
  • Criteria for journal selection (impact factors, rejection rates, publication schedules, Open Access, …).
  • How to choose a great title and write the perfect abstract.
  • The peer review system: stakeholders, processes, benefits, criticism.
  • and much more

Participants are expected to actively partake in writing exercises and group discussions between presentations sequences. Power Point slides of the presentation will be made available after the workshop.

Ein Workshop im Rahmen der Graduiertenakademie

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