Our spring 2022 program is out!

Our new spring program is out now: You can download the program and browse through our upcoming German and English publications in the first half of the year 2022.

In this issue, you will find, among other things, an interview with Claudia Machold, Patricia Stašić, Ulrike Hormel, and Donja Amirpur, the editors of ZeM – Zeitschrift für erziehungswissenschaftliche Migrationsforschung, which will be published twice a year by Verlag Barbara Budrich starting in 2022. We also interviewed our author Jürgen P. Rinderspacher about his new book announced for April, “Pandemische Zeiten. Wie Corona unseren Umgang mit der Zeit verändert” (Pandemic Times. How Corona is changing the way we deal with time). As usual, you will find all announced titles sorted by subject area as well as highlights in detail.

We hope you enjoy discovering our new publications!


Image: Unsplash 2022 / Niklas Ohlrogge